Hello! Come on immediately on “you”?

If you already have this page open, then you are looking for a job. And not just places where it will be comfortable to get paid for completing tasks; and a company that will promote your development, will not set limits, and will encourage initiative.


You can already boast of a cool portfolio, you want to develop and conquer new horizons, you are not satisfied with the same type of tasks, and you want to be able to implement your ideas and be proud of the result of your work. Then you are at the right place.


Everyone at ZIKZAK Architects has gone through this path, and that is why it is so important for us to give you clear answers to questions about who ZIKZAK Architects are and a simple recipe for how to join our team.

Our vacancies

Who we are:

Rulers. Those who can create a project, capture, lead, and strictly control all stages of movement to achieve the goal.

Magicians. When the customer does not yet have his idea, but already wants to stop by tomorrow; then we have already outlined it in a sketch and thought out ways to implement it.

Researchers. The search for better solutions has no limits. Behind each horizon, new peaks open.

We have ambitious goals and creative projects, and we are growing: creatively, professionally, and numerically.

Among our clients are Gismeteo, CBRE, and PrivatBank. ZIKZAK Architects wins tenders, works with top partners, and implements daring ideas.

We are fearlessly expanding the geography of projects in Ukraine, Europe, and Asia and will not even stop.

To become part of the team:

Knowledge of the basics. You should communicate with colleagues and partners on a professional level.

Curiosity. Trends, styles, materials, programs, and ideas – help to create new, necessary, and useful.

Intelligence. Quickly learn new information, analyze, think critically, and argue your opinion.

Initiative. Do not wait for instructions, suggest, promote, or act.

Responsibility. Complete tasks on time, plan, prioritize, monitor, recognize, and correct errors.

The ZIKZAK Architects team lives by the principle “Deadline does not believe in tears” and does its job just cool!

If you are ready to work in a team and take responsibility for your results, achieve your career goals, constantly learn, develop, and boldly try new things – we will succeed!