Hey there! Ready to jump right in?

If you’ve already got this page open, it means you’re on the hunt for a job. But not just any job where you can comfortably earn a paycheck for completing tasks. You’re looking for a company that fosters your growth, removes limits, and encourages your initiative.

You’re the proud owner of a stellar portfolio, eager to expand your horizons. Monotonous tasks just won’t cut it for you. You crave the freedom to bring your ideas to life and take pride in the results. Well, guess what? You’ve come to the right place.

At ZIKZAK Architects, we’ve all walked the path you’re on right now. That’s why it’s crucial for us to provide you with clear answers about who we are at ZIKZAK Architects and give you a simple recipe for joining our team.

Our vacancies

Let’s dive in:


First, we’re rulers. We can create, capture, lead, and meticulously oversee every stage of the journey toward our goals.

Second, we’re magicians. Even when the client has no idea yet, but wants something delivered tomorrow, we’ve already sketched it out and devised ways to make it happen.

Third, we’re researchers. There are no limits to finding better solutions. With every horizon we conquer, new peaks await us.

We have ambitious goals and creative projects, and we’re growing in every sense—creatively, professionally, and numerically.

Our clients include Genesis, TECHIIA, STUDY.ua, Gismeteo, CBRE, and PrivatBank. We win tenders, collaborate with top partners, and bring daring ideas to life.

We fearlessly expand our project geography across Ukraine, Europe, and the USA — and we won’t stop there.

So, how can you become part of our team?


Knowledge of the basics: You should communicate with colleagues and partners on a professional level.

Curiosity: Stay up-to-date with trends, styles, materials, programs, and ideas—these will help you create new, necessary, and impactful work.

Intelligence: Rapidly absorb new information, analyze it, think critically, and articulate your opinions.

Initiative: Don’t wait for instructions—instead, suggest, advocate for, and take action on new ideas.

Responsibility: Complete tasks on time, plan effectively, prioritize, monitor progress, recognize errors, and make corrections.

At ZIKZAK Architects, we live by the principle “Deadlines don’t believe in tears” as we tackle our work with sheer awesomeness!

If you’re ready to collaborate, take ownership of your results, achieve your career goals, embrace continuous learning, and development, and fearlessly embrace new challenges, success awaits us!